Saturday, July 31, 2010

So far so good

This camera phone thing is way easier than me having to upload pics from my actual camera. Don't judge me... I know it sounds incredibly lazy.

So getting back to the previous topic, the drive from Virginia to New York was supposed to take like 7 hours. Given a few bathroom breaks and whatnot maybe like 10 hours. However, the whole ordeal took more like 12 hours because of the horrible blown tire on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Now, imagine driving through 8 hours of this:

Country Driving

Yup, believe me you'd want to kill yourself too. Now don't get all judge-y on me. I'm a normal city girl, so all this flat land? Never seen it before. 8 hours of it is far too many hours of flat land.

I was thrilled when we finally spotted this:

New York Skyline

Moving on... Yesterday wasn't bad. I should be working on homework but the hand of procrastination has a pretty damn good grip on me today. Yesterday it definitely won over homeworking... Some pics from yesterday's adventures:

Stopped by Target to pick up a few things and nearly squealed in happiness when I saw


Yeah I know I'm supposed to act like a grown up. SHUSH!

Then came home and cooked up quite a few things, including spicy hummus, roasted chicken, pasta & meatballs, and some crackers.

Roasted Chicken

Yeah I know chicken pic doesn't look that great but whatever. Happy weekend everyone!

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