Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kickboxing = My Addiction

I'm so addicted to kickboxing it's sad isn't it? But at this point's basically how I'm getting out. Well my excuse for getting out.

With the stresses of work and school seeming to pile up almost on a regular basis I guess this is how I'm coping. But better exercise than something bad right?

In either case, there's this really kickass girl that I see there once in a while. I like doing bag work next to her because she's so  into it. The girl will have sweat pouring down her face and she's smiling on the inside. It's amazing.

There's this other woman who has the most amazing form ever. She's also super friendly. Seeing those two women there totally motivate me to push myself harder and give it my all.

The lesson I've learned about exercise?

Be mindful of what you're doing. If you live in the moment and focus on everything: the sound of your glove slamming into the bag, the way your muscles tense the second before you shuffle your feet, the way your lungs expand when you take a breath... everything is so much more enjoyable. That, and well you push harder.

Happy exercising!

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