Sunday, September 20, 2009


So my first Christmas with my husband he bought me a big bag of yarn. So now I have yarn... lots of yarn. And I want to get rid of all of it. Some of the colors are insanely bright, like bright blue and yellow.

So I played with the idea of knitting and crocheting gifts for my friends... but who the hell would want a yellow scarf? So my friend suggested that I should donate stuff to the Womens Shelter. I'm taking it one step further by using up the rest of my yarn to crochet and knit scarves and THEN donate them to the Womens Shelter. I think it'll be cool. Anyways, here's one of the first skinny scarves.

The color is this really gorgeous plum purple, in the right light it's just straight violet. I love it. I think I may make one for myself.

Purple Scarf

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